We provide education welfare services to all types of schools and academies to improve your overall attendance and punctuality.

Why Choose To Work With TEAM EWS

Your school might have a history of low attendance, or you may want to ensure that you are doing all you can to make sure that your attendance levels are maintained. Either way, Team EWS is here to make sure that your school is equipped with the experience and plans in place to deal with the barriers to learning that are keeping your pupils from attending school on a regular basis.
We offer tailor-made packages to help your pupils get the most out of their education. We have significantly reduced high-levels of persistent absences in schools across the South-East and the UK.


Our Strength is Our Team

Our strengths lie in the experiences of our team, and you need someone who is caring and professional to establish relationships with even the most vulnerable and troubled families in your school. We perform our work both onsite and remote, so you’ll always have that support you need.

We have team members from several different backgrounds, including the Police Force, Social Services, and Education. You’ll benefit from a range of different experiences that have been carefully vetted to give your school the most valuable resource on the market.

Association of Education Welfare Management

We are members of the Association of Education Welfare Management and have an active team that frequently update their own skills and knowledge through CPD. This allows us to:

• Promote and safeguard the rights of children, fostering co-operation between organisations in the interest of children.
• Advance our own professional interests to give you and your school the expertise you need.
• Actively promote and improve social inclusion within your school community.
• Develop the skills and training of your staff.
• To maintain and update our current practices in line with legislative frameworks and regulatory bodies.

Ofsted Reports and Support

We assist your school in Action Planning for Ofsted inspections. This is because Ofsted focuses on your school’s attendance and punctuality levels. Your school must do everything it can to remove barriers to education. Our team are on hand to provide you with the necessary support to showcase all of the hard work that’s gone into raising your school’s attendance.

✓ Our service is 100% bespoke, tailored precisely to your school’s needs.

✓ Our EWOs are based in your school and become a crucial part of your school community.
✓ You are assigned the same EWO for the duration of the contract where possible. Giving you consistent service and our staff develop a detailed knowledge of your school and pupils.
✓ We have sophisticated IT systems which means that your sensitive client records are 100% safe and secure.
✓ Our service is the most cost-effective in the market.

Bi-annual Progress Report

Every six months, we produce a detailed progress report, which measures all the key attendance metrics and gives you an accurate overview of the progress being made. On top of this, we can also provide you with an in-depth analysis of attendance for your Pupil Premium and most vulnerable groups.

Free Consultation

Sometimes you need an external perspective. We’ll come to your school, conduct an audit and evaluation of your current situation and recommend solutions tailored specifically for you.

For your no-obligation consultation, contact us here.