Privacy Policy

TEAM Education Welfare Services Ltd (TEAM EWS) is a private company limited by guarantee. We provide an Education Welfare Service to support schools to monitor attendance and help reduce the number of persistent absentees.

We take data protection very seriously and the following document explains how we use your data and why



We collect personal information about pupils/students and personal details of their parents/carers from schools that have commissioned TEAM EWS to provide an Education Welfare Service to address concerns around school attendance and punctuality.



The information we hold may include,

  • Pupil names, address, date of birth, attendance records, late records, reasons for absence and any other relevant information that may impact on school attendance such as special educational and health needs.
  • Parents names, contact address, email addresses, telephone numbers.

Data stored by TEAM EWS is held in secure systems which are only accessible to authorised staff. Data collected by TEAM EWS will be provided by our clients during the operation of our contract. This data may be electronic, paper or verbal communication logged in our systems.

Data about pupils and their parents which is stored and controlled by TEAM EWS is used exclusively for the purposes of delivering our contractual obligations as agreed with our clients.



TEAM EWS does not share this information unless specifically requested to do so by the school, parent/carers, Social Workers or Local Authority Officials . We will share only what is necessary and proportionate.

TEAM EWS will not share this information with any external agency without consent unless there is a child safety concern.

TEAM EWS only hold data for the purpose of delivering our services.

In addition, in our roles as Education Welfare Officer & Family Liaison Officer, we may have authorised access to systems and data controlled by our clients. These systems may contain sensitive personal and confidential data about pupils and their parents. School systems which are accessible to our employees, may include data such as names, addresses, date of birth, ethnicity and any other relevant data held by our clients in their systems. Data held in client systems is subject to the customer’s data retention policies as defined by their data controller.

TEAM EWS will only share data controlled by our clients with appropriate third parties in accordance with the schools contract and in full compliance with the schools data protection policies.



Data about our customers is stored in accordance with our Data Retention Policy and is deleted when it is no longer required.

TEAM EWS keep your information on computer systems and in school files. To keep your information safe we take the following measures

  • Our CRM system is managed by an Independent IT Consultancy who is responsible for where data is stored and for keeping all data safe and in compliance with GDPR.
  • Our files are kept in locked cupboards within the individual school.
  • Our SLA with schools include a confidentiality clause.
  • We only request information relevant to the School Referral and do not retain information that is not necessary.
  • All of our staff have enhanced DBS checks and are regularly updated in data protection and information sharing.
  • TEAM EWS Ltd are registered with the Information Commissioners Office to ensure that we comply with all aspects of data protection legislation.
  • TEAM EWS also commission an Independent Consultancy to advise and oversee GDPR Compliancy.



We will not keep any personal information for longer than is required to work with pupils and their parents/carers in relation to improving school attendance, or for other essential purposes such as complying with our legal obligations.



Under data protection legislation, parents and pupils have a right to request access to view the information that we hold about them. Request for access to view your personal information must be recorded in writing.

If an individual contacts TEAM EWS requesting this information this is called a Subject Access Request.

Subject Access requests must be made in writing to Mrs Tracey Gordon, Data Protection Officer at .

Subject Access Requests must be accompanied by 2 forms of identification, of which one must contain a photograph. We will respond in full within 30 days. You may also make a verbal request.



The TEAM EWS Data Protection Controller is Mrs Tracey Gordon, a Company Director

Contact details are Tel No 07946 634149 or  or .

For further information about how TEAM EWS protect and manage data, please contact our office by email to or in writing to our registered office address.

The postal address and registered office of the company is:
143 Valley Road, Kenley, Surrey CR8 5BZ



Please contact us to request copies of our current policies including

  • Data Protection Policy
  • Data Retention Policy