We provide education welfare services to all types of schools and academies to improve your overall attendance and punctuality.

Case Studies

Please take a look through a selection of case studies below to see how we helped schools and families turn their attendance levels and punctuality around.

Our approach is entirely dictated by the requirements of the school and the needs of the families with the objective of improving both the attendance levels and punctuality as quickly as possible.

Secondary School, Croydon

The Client
After a recent Ofsted inspection the school had been judged to require improvement and it had been noted that the schools attendance data was well below National Average and the Pupil Premium cohort’s attendance was significantly below that of their peers.

The Problem
The school had:
• Low levels of attendance
• High persistent absence
• Troubled families with historic poor attendance and some genuine welfare needs

Our Solution
The company supplied an Education Welfare Officer and Family Liaison Officer to the school who worked together to help support those families with significant welfare concerns while robustly challenging parentally condoned absence.

The Outcome
This high impact support provided improvements within weeks.
The consistency of the EWO provision along with the support of the Family Liaison Officer changed the overall outlook on attendance within the school community. In addition our EWO offered a strategic approach which helped identify vulnerable groups and advised on actions to aid improvement.

Half termly impact and analysis reports were produced by the EWO for discussion with the school’s attendance lead to ensure improvements were maintained.

The school’s attendance is now above National Average.


Primary School, Surrey

The Client
A family of 4 children in year groups 5, 4, reception and nursery.
When the family transferred to the school they were already known to have a record of poor attendance and punctuality.

Our Solution
Our EWO attended a ‘Team Around Child Meeting’ and devised a Parent Contract and education plan with the parent. The contract set very specific targets around attendance and punctuality and supported the parent to seek support for herself.
The parent gave permission for the EWO to consult the GP about the medical condition of the oldest child and it was ascertained that the condition should not cause the girl to have significant time off school.

The Outcome
Since the Parent Contract was put in place there has been a marked improvement in the children’s attendance. The Years 5, 4 and reception children are not currently within the percentage criteria for EWO intervention. During the last half term, these 3 children had a 100% attendance with no L or U codes.

The parent has advised that the intervention has supported her to develop a more structured routine that supports the children’s improved attendance, participation and attainment at school.


Primary School, Sussex

The Client
A reception child of statutory school age.

The Problem
The School Nursery had identified historical poor attendance and lateness which became an immediate concern when the child started in Reception.

Our Solution
Our EWO started working with the parent in October 2016 and found the issues to be the boy’s health and the parent’s role as carer for her mother.
The parent was supported to seek help for her mother from the Local Authority and to provide medical evidence when her son was too unwell to attend school.
However the child continued to miss school and his attendance fell from 82% to 76.3%.
In March 2017 a Parent Contract was drawn up with the parent, who also gave consent for the EWO to liaise with the family GP about the child’s health. The legal implications of no improvement to her son’s attendance was reiterated.

The Outcome
During the most recent term the child has been in school every day with no recorded L or U codes. His attendance level has now started to improve.
The EWO will maintain contact with the parent to ensure that his improvement continues.